Off-Sale Beer & Liquor Sales See Spike During Pandemic

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (3/25/20)

Ada, MN -- The beer continues to flow despite the mandatory shut down of on sale dining and alcohol across the state. Although they aren’t reporting any significant hoarding, area off-sale liquor stores are seeing a strong influx in sales this past week now that people are no longer allowed to drink and socialize inside bars and restaurants. Gerri Jo Aasland, Manager of the Ada Municipal Liquor Store, says business has been steadily busy over the past week.

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In fact, sales were up about three times the normal amount this past week. Beer dominates the receipts over wine and spirits with cases of Busch Light being the number one seller…nothing out of the ordinary. However, another trend that Aasland is noticing is a genuine concern of if the store is going to close.

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Gerri Jo adds that they have no plans to shut down unless the state makes them, but there is a chance that they will reduce store hours due to a limited staff.

With the steady flow of traffic, Aasland adds that they are taking extra steps to ensure the safety for their staff and customers as well.

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Ada Liquors is currently doing a beer sale, with $2 off any 24 or 30 packs through this Saturday.