2019 Corn Harvest Resumes as Farmers Plan for 2020 Planting

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (3/25/20)

Gary, MN -- Despite everything going on right now, for some area farmers there’s a more important issue to deal with: getting the 2019 corn crop harvested. This past year’s wet fall made it nearly impossible for farmers to get a suitable crop out of the field. But the corn has dried down over the winter and the ground froze just enough for some to start scratching away at some of their acres. Evan Skaurud of Skaurud Grain Farms near Gary says the quality of the corn has improved, but they’re still having some troubles with soft ground on land without tile.  

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Because the ground is still too soft for much of the corn crop to be harvested, Evan notes that they will likely be harvesting the remainder of 2019 crop at the same time they are planting the 2020 crop.

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Even though the coronavirus pandemic won’t stop them from farming, they are keeping an eye on it at Skaurud Grain Farms. Evan says luckily their employees already do a pretty good job at social distancing throughout the day.

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Evan added that he is very optimistic about an early spring, which would give their farm some much needed extra time to get the 2020 crop in the ground.