Polk County Commissioner Joan Lee Says Public Offices Won't Open Yet; Praises Public Health Response

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (5/21/20)

Polk County, MN -- Governor Walz recently unveiled his plans to slowly re-open the state of Minnesota in four phases beginning on June 1st to hopefully bring some normalcy back to the state. One of the first closures to happen in Polk County was the closures of public offices to the general public and with the Governor unveiling his plans the hope is to get those offices open again. Unfortunately, Polk County Commissioner Joan Lee says full openings aren't going to happen quite yet.


The unexpected emergence of Covid-19 caught everyone by surprise especially it's ability to rapidly spread throughout our Communities sending some citizens into a state of panic. Polk County Public Health however has done a nice job of giving the public updated information about the virus as well as offering tips online about how you can combat and slow the spread of Covid-19 and Commissioner Lee has high praise for the way they've handled everything.


KKCQ Radio will continue to give updates on what offices and businesses are openings as we progress into Governor Walz's plans to fully re-open Minnesota.