Senator Tina Smith to Introduce Bipartisan Contact Tracing & Testing Bill

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (7/30/20)

Washington, DC -- United State Senator Tina Smith is working on bipartisan legislature to increase testing capabilities and provide funding to hire more personnel to conducting tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Senator Smith has teamed up with Republic Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana for the bill, which she says will help with the backlog of testing and contact tracing.

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Senator Smith notes that its not acceptable for Minnesotans or anyone to have to be locked up inside their home for up to a week or longer to wait for their test results.

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Little progress has been made in regards to the second stimulus bill, but Senator Smith remains hopeful to provide some additional relief during the pandemic.

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That’s US Senator Tina Smith.