Mystery Seed Packages Appear in Minnesota

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (7/31/20)

St. Paul, MN -- The reports of mystery seed packages continue to file in all across the nation, as people have now received the unsolicited seeds in all fifty states, according to reports. During the Farm and Field Show on Wednesday afternoon, we spoke Denise Theide, MN Department of Ag Seed Unit Supervisor, about these mystery seeds. Theide gives some background on the packages and what they look like.

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Theide says it’s their hope that none of these mystery seeds, which are now in the process of being identified by seed experts at the University of Minnesota, do not get planted as there are a number of risks associated with doing so.

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If for some chance you received a package of mystery seeds and you planted them, Theide runs down the steps to disposing of them properly.

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If you received one of the mystery seed packages, please call the Arrest the Pest hotline at 1-888-545-6684 or email arrest.the.pest@state.mn.us.