Hillsboro City Commission News & Notes

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (9/14/20)

Hillsboro, ND -- The Hillsboro City Commission held their regular monthly meeting last week as well as a special meeting to hire a new City Auditor. During their regular meeting on Tuesday night, the commission had a great deal of discussion on the pending water agreement between the city and East Central Rural Water District. The city needs the agreement to help determine the infrastructure needed in the new Riverwalk Development. Hillsboro City Commission President Terry Sando says they are making progress, but there are a couple of key items in need of finalizing.

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If an agreement can be reached soon, Sando says it is possible some infrastructure work could begin this fall if weather cooperates.

The Hillsboro City Commission was also provided a brief update on the available low income properties in the community as well, according to President Sando.

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And with a lot of activity happenings at the Anchor Ingredients facility, Sando says there have been some traffic problems rising up that they hope to be able to address.

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And at the special commission meeting on Wednesday, the commission moved forward with hiring a new City Auditor to replace Matt Mutzenberger. Sando says they had a lot of great candidates, and ultimately offered the position to Ashley Frederick of Hillsboro.

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Frederick is expected to take over towards the end of the month.

Listen to the full Hillsboro City Commission recap with Terry Sando below: 

Commision Recap