Hawley Students Transitioning Back into the Classrooms

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (9/14/20)

Hawley, MN -- For the Hawley School District, they are hoping for a slow transition back full in-person education at some point this year. The Elementary grades kicked off school late last week with everyone in school, but the high school remains in the hybrid model. Hawley High School Principal is hoping the positivity rate drops in Clay County and they can ease all the students back into the classroom.

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Hawley High School Senior Anna Crombeck has had a few days to adjust to the new normal. She says her and her classmates are doing the best to stay positive and make the best out of a very different situation.

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Crombeck is also Student Council President and notes they are still hoping to organize some fun, but socially distance events for the rest of the students this year as well.

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