Missoula Children's Theater Take Gulliver's Travels to Outer Space!

By Mark Askelson (8/10/17)

Ada, MN -- Today is the big day for the Missoula Children’s Theater Production of Gulliver’s Travels at the Ada-Borup School Auditorium.  The cast and directors have been working hard all week to prepare for the two performances today. Directing this year’s production is Samantha Hayes of Indiana and Jacob Hawk of Illinois.  They stopped into the KRJB studios Thursday to preview today’s performances. Samantha and Jacob said this production has a slight twist to the usual Gulliver’s Travels tale.

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In all there’s more than 50 kids acting in the play, which lasts about an hour. And although it may seem difficult to put together an hour long production with dozens of young kids in just a handful of days, Hayes and Hawk say both the Missoula Children’s Theater instructing methods and the behavior of the kids make it much easier.

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The pair of directors have been traveling all over the country and even into Canada putting on the children’s theater productions since January and will continue through May of next year. They said they’ve very much enjoyed their time in Ada and the local kids are lucky to have such as wonderful theater to perform in.

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There will be two performances today, one at 2:30pm and another at 7pm. Cost for Admission is $3 for Adults, $2 for students, and preschool and under are free.