Polk County Sheriff's Office Also Prepares For New School Year

Parents with students know this time of year can get hectic with shopping for school supplies and and other necessities in preparation for the new school year. The Polk County Sheriff's Office has their own list to check off as the students head back to class.  Deputies not only patrol all five schools in the county during the hours before and after school but they also make their presence known to students and staff as well as familiarize themselves with the layout of the school.


Also during the school year deputies come into the schools and present programs to students on such topics as internet safety, alcohol and tobacco use and drug abuse.


Safety on the roads is another important reminder when school is in session. Drivers need to be aware not only of students crossing the streets but pay attention and obey the extended stop sign on the school bus.


Sheriff Erdman adds this is also a good time to have conversations with your kids about peer pressure and your expectations for your son or daughter.


Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman joins us on the first two Thursdays of each month on KKCQ's Food For Thought Program.