Hillsboro City Commission News & Notes from December 4th

By Mark Askelson (12/5/17)

Hillsboro, ND -- The Hillsboro City Commission discussed a proposed law enforcement contract with the Traill County Sheriff’s Department at their regular meeting on Monday night. The city of Hillsboro, the only city in the county that isn’t currently contracted by the county, is absorbing their police department into the county after countless struggles to maintain a consistent workforce. Hillsboro City Commission President Mark Forseth says they plan to officially make the switch January 1st, but need to work out a few items in the contract first.

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Under the contract, Current Police Chief Ray Weber will become an employee of the Traill County Sheriff’s Office. President Forseth says Hillsboro residents shouldn’t have any safety concerns with the switch.

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Forseth added that the cost of the contract with Traill County is about the same as operating their own two-man police department.

In other news from this week’s Hillsboro City Commission Meeting, Forseth says they approved a new Drug Testing contract with Global Safety.

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And some good news regarding the lights on the I29 Interchange. Forseth says it sounds like they may be fixed sometime next year.

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The Hillsboro City Commission also had their 2nd and Final reading of Ordinance 508, which is regarding an electric rate increase. The next commission meeting is scheduled for December 18th at 6:30pm.