Enjoy Beer and Hymns at Pub 21

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (3/12/18)

Ada, MN -- Live music and bars are a match made in heaven, but the type of music you usually hear is a bit different from what you’ll hear Tuesday night at Pub 21 in Ada. Continuing a trend that is sweeping the nation, Pub 21 welcomes the Good Shepherd Band for a night of Beer and Hymns starting at 7pm. Grace Lutheran Church Pastor Jack Carlson says the Good Shepherd Band hosts these events on regular basis at Junkyard Brewery in Moorhead with crowds typically over a hundred people.  

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Drinking beer is, of course, optional and everyone is welcome. Pastor Jack adds that fun and relaxed atmosphere has made these events so popular in recent years.

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The Good Shepherd Worship Band will also return to Ada for a full concert on March 25th at Grace Lutheran Church from 7-9pm. There will also be a Baked Potato Bar meal prior to the concert to raise money for students to attend the National Youth Gathering.