Hillsboro City Commission News & Notes from August 6th Meeting

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (8/9/18)

Hillsboro, ND -- The Hillsboro City Commission held their first regular monthly meeting on Monday night, August 6th at City Hall. The commission held a public hearing on the proposed rezoning of a property owned by Doug Abentroth, who intended to build a triplex. Last meeting, it met opposition from neighbors and it did once again this week. Following some civil discussions, Hillsboro Commission President Terry Sando says they came to an agreement to downgrade to a duplex.

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The Hillsboro City Commission also had the 2nd reading on the Jordahl Development rezoning. President Sando says that despite a few comments from the public, they continue to move forward with that process.

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The commission approved the preliminary 2019 Budget.  With a new auditor on staff, Sando says they’ll budget on the high side for now to be safe.

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And on the topic of budgets, Sando reported that they’ve encountered some unexpected obstacles with the airport runway resurfacing project and it’s going to cost the city more than expected.

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The Hillsboro City Commission meets next on August 20th.