Fosston School Board Moves Forward on Referendum

At a special meeting on Monday, August 6th the Fosston School Board approved a resolution calling for an election and submission of review and comment to the Minnesota Department of Education. As a result Independent School District 601 will be presenting a three question ballot to the voters on November 6th, 2018. Superintendent Kevin Ricke details Question #1 which pertains to maintenance of the High School, Magelssen Elementary and the bus garages.




Question # 2 focuses on the modernization of the science department located at the High School facility and will provide adaquate space at Magelssen Elementary. The question also provides safer bus and vehicle drop off and pickup design at the Elementary school along with security improvements.




Question #3 will address the maintenance work required for the old gym to continue its use.




If all three ballot questions are approved, the estimated expenditure is just over 20 million dollars. Superintendent Kevin Ricke breaks down the expenses for each ballot question.




The Fosston School Board's next regular monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 16th at 7:00 pm.