Ada-Borup School Board Begins Looking at Long Range Planning

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (10/10/18)

Ada, MN -- The Ada-Borup School Board held a lengthy regular monthly meeting on Tuesday morning, lasting over 4 hours. The board discussed building projects, long range planning, their IT contract, and more. As far as the current building project, Ada-Borup Superintendent Shawn Yates says its wrapping up and is almost ready for students.

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A very long discussion was held on the future needs of the district. With the enrollment continuing to rise, Superintendent Yates says they will need to address some of the growing pains that come with it.

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And the new IT Contract with Marco continues to cause struggles for the district. Yates says they are working with Marco to try and find a solution.

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The Ada-Borup School Board also approved the winter coaches, approved a Public Health contract adjustment, and approved an Essentia Health Athletic Training Contract.