Hillsboro City Commission Moves Forward with Adding Recycling Program

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (11/7/18)

Hillsboro, ND -- Hillsboro residents will now have the opportunity to recycle! At Monday night’s Hillsboro City Commission meeting, commissioners approved expanding their garbage services to include recycling. Hillsboro City Commission President Terry Sando says by offering recycling, it should greatly reduce the amount of garbage currently being hauled out, therefore reducing costs.

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Residents will see a slight increase to their garbage rates, but Sando says that increase would have happened regardless of the recycling program.

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Also at this week’s meeting, the commission discussed some ways to help streamline the process of getting important information out to the public quickly. Sando says they are looking at text alerts and call forwarding options.

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And continuing discussion from previous meetings, the commission agreed to move forward with offering tablets for commissioners and certain city personnel.

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The Hillsboro City Commission also approved a building permit for the Hillsboro Body Shop, who is planning an expansion.