Ada City Council News & Notes from December 4th Meeting

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (12/5/18)

Ada, MN -- The Ada City Council held their final regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night. The council also held their Truth-In Taxation Hearing and approved the final 2019 tax levy. There were no public in attendance for the hearing, so the council moved forward with a 5% levy increase for the 2019 year, according to Ada City Administrator Ben Burgener.

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The council also heard from Moore Engineering about the possibility of getting their dike Corp certified. The dike is already FEMA certified, but Burgener says getting Corp certification would provide some perks without much investment, other than the initial engineering costs.

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The council did approve for Moore Engineering to move forward with acquiring Corp certification.

A new website has been in the talks for the City of Ada for the last few months and at Tuesday night’s meeting, the council approved spending $9,000 on the new site. Administrator Burgener says he’s excited to bring the city webpage to modern times.

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In other news, the Ada City Council approved purchasing four new security cameras for the Ada Liquor and moving the current ones over to the Ada Events Center, as well purchasing two addition ones for that location, approved a $3,000 Geotechnical Quote from NTI, approved a new laptop for the Ada Police Department, approved a Carr’s Tree Services Proposal, and heard some final words of wisdom and thoughts from outgoing Councilmember John Rosenberger.

Councilmember Tom Opheim and Mayor Todd Sawrey will join the KRJB Kaleidoscope program this Thursday morning at 9am to further discuss this week’s meeting.