Senator Eken Meets with Sanford with Hopes of Reopening Twin Valley Nursing Home

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (1/8/19)

Twin Valley, MN -- There is glimmer of hope for Twin Valley and area community members hoping for the Twin Valley Living Center to one-day reopen.  Minnesota District 4 State Senator Kent Eken, who is from Twin Valley, has been reaching out to his contacts and working hard to try and find a solution for the nursing home, which closed in November due to financial concerns. There has been a big push from area community groups for the former Twin Valley Living Center to become a Veterans home, but as much as Senator Eken supports that idea, he believes logistics make it highly unlikely.

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The glimmer of hope has come from meetings that Senator Eken has had with representatives from Sanford. Sanford has recently branched out into the nursing home business and with their current presence already in Twin Valley, Eken is proposing that Sanford reopen the nursing home under the Good Samaritan name.

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But despite the new-found positivity, Eken suggests there are, of course, some major hurdles standing in their way.

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Senator Eken added that if it is not possible to reopen a nursing home in Twin Valley, he will work to help find another use for that facility.