Ada Police Offer Advice for Vacationing Residents

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (2/5/19)

Ada, MN -- If you’ve had enough of this winter and are heading south for some warm weather and sunlight, the Ada Police Department is encouraging home owners to take the proper steps to avoid coming back to a crime scene in your own home. Ada Police Chief Jody Bueng says its especially easy for a home to appear vacant in the winter time, so it’s wise to enlist in the help of a friend or neighbor to keep up on snow removal and make it appear like there’s someone currently living at the home.

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Bueng reminds Ada residents that if you need someone to occasionally check on your property while you are away, they offer that service free of charge.   

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For more information, contact the Ada Police Department at 784-5510 or email adapolice@loretel.net.