Norman-Mahnomen Public Health Encouraging Students to Take a Winter Walk to School

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (2/6/19)

Ada, MN -- Today is National Winter Walk Day and Norman-Mahnomen Public Health is encouraging students to ditch the bus and hike a few blocks to and from school today. Walking to school can help improve a student’s performance in school, allows them to have fun with their friends, and gives them some much needed exercise to start the day. Kim Meyers of Norman-Mahnomen Public Health says walking to school in the cool, crisp air can also be a very refreshing experience.

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In addition to exercise, Meyers says by walking to school, you can take some pride in knowing you are tough enough to brave the harsh Minnesota weather conditions.

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And for those who decide to brave the cold today or any other winter day, Meyers reminds you to dress for the occasion, be aware of conditions, and watch for traffic.

Norman-Mahnomen Public Health hopes that students will enjoy their winter walk to and from school enough that it will become a habit for them in the future. Walking to school also helps reduce air pollution and congestion around schools.