Ada Public Works Has Hard Time Keeping Up with Two Storms in One Week

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (2/7/19)

Ada, MN -- Snow, snow, go away! That’s a message shared by many of us, including your local public works departments. Many of which are having a hard time keeping up with the snowfall as our region battles its second winter storm this week. Although we’re still on pace for our annual average snowfall amount, it seems like we’ve received much more because it’s all piling up at once. Ada Public Works Director Brian Rasmusson says they’re still dealing with the remnants of the last storm as they prepare for this one.

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Rasmusson says it usually takes about 8-10 hours to plow after a major snow event, but secondary clean up efforts and snow removal occur for the next couple days. Along with the time involved, these winter storms also cost money. Every time they have to go out and plow it costs the Ada Public Works Department about a $1000 in just fuel costs.

Brian says they caught scrutiny earlier this week by some residents for not plowing early Monday morning. Although he understands their frustration, Rasmusson notes that timing is everything when it comes to snow removal.

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To make matters more interesting, Rasmusson says the cold weather and constant plowing has played a toll on their equipment and recently they’ve had to borrow machinery from the county. They also have had to contract with local businesses for help with snow removal, as they’ve ran out of places to pile snow.