Halstad Remains Positive while the Red River Crests

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (4/10/19)

Halstad, MN -- Nothing is in the clear yet, but the City of Halstad remains positive and confident that they will get through the 2019 flood relatively unscathed. The Red River swelled to 39 feet on Wednesday, roughly a foot and half underneath the record. Volunteers have been patrolling the levy for the last few days and will continue to stay around major flood stage for likely the next week. Halstad Mayor Lori Delong, who has been patrolling the levy herself in the early mornings, says everything is holding up nicely.

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And Delong reminds people not to get overworked by everything they hear on TV. She adds the city is protected, taking proper safety precautions, and ready for anything.

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The City of Halstad is still looking for more volunteers to patrol the levy. If you would like to assist, please call the Halstad Agronomy Center at 456-2110 to coordinate a time.