McIntosh Senior Living Barbecue Fundraiser

The QAPI Committee at McIntosh Senior Living is holding a barbecue fundraiser on June 18th from 11 am to 1 pm in the McIntosh Senior Living front lobby. The fundraiser will support  QAPI  Committee projects. QAPI stands for a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement plan. The purpose of the plan is to take a proactive approach to continually improve the way residents are cared for and the way McIntosh Senior Living engages with it's residents, caregivers and families. The QAPI Committee meets monthly for open discussions on opportunities for improvement. Trisha Hove, Director of Nursing at McIntosh Senior LIving talks about the QAPI committees  current projects.


Future projects in the works at McIntosh Senior Living include providing  new sensory activities for the Memory Care Unit and  taking residents on more outings in the new MSL van. The June 18th barbecue fundraiser supports current and future projects. Trisha Hove tells us what they will be serving at the fundraiser.


The barbecue  fundraiser is Tuesday, June 18th from 1-4 pm in the McIntosh Senior living front lobby.