Twin Valley City Council Approves Solar Panel Project & More from June 10th Meeting

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (6/11/19)

Twin Valley, MN -- The Twin Valley City Council approving going forward an effort to go “green” on Monday night. During their regular monthly city council meeting, the council heard a presentation from Otter Tail Power and Ulteig Engineering in regards to powering their soon-to-be rehabbed water treatment facility with solar power. The cost of installing the solar panels would be about $80,000, but with cost saving they’ll acquire from rebates and energy savings the decision to move forward was an easy one for the council, according to Twin Valley Mayor Ben Fall.

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And the city of Twin Valley is apparently continuing to be efficient as far as spending and keeping under budget. The council received  the annual audit report, which Mayor Fall says came back very positive once again.

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Last month, the council decided to explore the option of converting a few of their unoccupied Wimmer Cabins into short term housing. Fall says following an estimate they got to furnish them, the council decided to move forward with that plan and convert them into an AirBnB style rental unit.

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And as summer rolls in, so do the building projects around town. Fall commends those who are investing in their property and doing a good job taking care of it, but also encourages those with nuisance or dilapidated structures to work on fixing them up.

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The Twin Valley City Council meets on the 2nd Monday of each month. Also, a reminder to community members that there is a Twin Valley Community Booster meeting scheduled for this Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Twin Valley Liquor Store.