National 4-H Week For Beltrami County

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (9/7/19)

National 4-H Week is this week and we got the opportunity to speak with Beltrami County 4-H Coordinator Ann Marie Ward. The 4-H organization has been around for about 117 years and what started as an organization based around agriculture, Ann Marie assured us that 4-H is much more than that today.


4-H today has adopted new programs for youth that also include many different STEM opportunities. STEM education is simply educating students in four specific areas: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Ann Marie told us about what type of STEM education is happening within 4-H in Beltrami County.


If you or anyone that you know would like to get involved in 4-H or get more information, the best way to do so is to go online, search the county you live in followed by 4-H.