UPDATED: Waikiki Beach Gathering Fundraiser

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (10/11/19)

With snow in the forecast, Cavalry Free  Lutheran Church in Fosston is holding a fundraiser that will take you back to warmer times just a few weeks ago and the fundraiser is for a good cause. Pastor Allen Arneson’s two sons, Brady and Kyle, moved to Hawaii to to live and continue their education. Brady gave us details on how they moved to Hawaii turned into them accidentally starting a church.


No church service is ever exactly the same wherever you go. There might be slight differences from one church to the next such as, the time of day or length of the sermon for example. You can imagine the difference in scenery at the Waikiki Beach Gathering compared Cavalry Free Lutheran Church in Fosston as the main difference but Brady talked us through what the typical service on Wakiki Beach consits of.


Part of the reason that this fundraiser is taking place is because the church, the Waikiki Beach Gathering, needs a new sound system. Because wind speeds on Waikiki beach can reach up to 30 miles per hour on any given day and Waikiki Beach is one the most-visited beaches in America, 7.5 million visitors per year, they need to be equipped with a sound system that will not only block out the wind but also have the ability to block out noise from all of the traffic.


They will be serving  an authentic Hawaiian meal at this event on Sunday and Pastor Arneson gave us a taste of what you can expect to be included in the meal.


The event goes from 4:30 to 6:15 this Sunday evening October 13th at Cavalry Free Lutheran Church in Fosston with a praise gathering to follow at 6:30 until 7:30. If you want to stay up to date with all of the happenings with the Waikiki Beach Gathering, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.