Snowmobilers Encouraged to Stay on Trails

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (12/2/19)

Ada, MN -- While Minnesota snowmobiling trails officially opened on December 1st, many of them may not be ready to ride yet. Groups such as the Moonshiners Snowmobile Club, which maintain over 100 miles of trails in Norman County, are busy prepping and marking the trails for snowmobilers to enjoy all winter long. With that being said, those groups are asking snowmobilers not to wander off those trails. Moonshiners President Dave Jenson says those landowners graciously allow use of their land to support safe and enjoyable riding, and if you go off those trails you are asking for trouble.

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And Jenson gives a big thanks to those property owners who allow the Moonshiners to use their land for the local trail system.

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Also snowmobilers must register their snowmobile for trail use to be allowed unlimited use of Minnesota’s 22,000 miles of state and grant-in-aid trails.