NCW School Board Rejects HBL Proposal

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (2/12/20)

Hendrum, MN -- The Halstad Business League’s proposal to the Norman County West School Board to take over the old high school building in Halstad is not a viable option for the district to pursue, as was determined during a special school board meeting on Monday night in Hendrum. The Halstad Business League had offered to take the building off the hands of the school district if in return Norman County West would give them 90% of the estimated demolition costs plus costs of asbestos removal and environmental remedies.  A similar deal was worked out last year between the Norman County East School District and the city of Gary, but Norman County West Superintendent Dr. Jim Hess says that in this case because the HBL is not a government entity, it would be unwise to provide them with public funds.

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As a counter offer, the Norman County West School Board is still willing to give up the building to the Halstad Business League, but instead of giving them more than $250,000, they would allow the HBL to purchase the building for $1. They are also strongly encouraging the HBL to work alongside with the City of Halstad to come up with a solution moving forward.