Hands Free Cell Phone Law Reminder

By Laura Hamilton laura@kkcqradio.com (2/13/2020)

Since Minnesota's hands-free law went into effect August 1st, 2019, Polk County Sherriffs Deputy Phil Juve says most drivers he sees while in his patrol vehicle are in compliance. However he occasionally  notices some drivers talking with their phone in their hand while traveling down the highway. The hands-free  law allows Minnesota drivers to only use their cell phone through voice commands or single-touch activation and  prohibits motorists from holding a cellphone or other wireless device while driving. Juve says there is technology available that allows for use of your phone in hands free mode while driving down the highway.


Juve says motorists still need to pay attention to the road while driving and not let your phone conversation be a distraction even while using their phone hands-free.


Another option for drivers with an older vehicle that doesn't have the latest technology is to mount the  phone in your vehicle and use the  phone's speaker while communicating. There is an exception to the hands-free law. You can legally hold your phone to dial 911 in an emergency situation.