Norman County East River Watch Gets Hands to Study Wild Rice Watershed

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (2/13/18)

Twin Valley, MN -- The Norman County East School Board received a presentation from the River Watch program at their regular monthly meeting on Monday night. Advisor Kara Eken and students Shaina Bennefeld and Tate Hoseth provided a power point and showed off some of the unique tools they use for water sampling and experiments. Eken, who is in her 2nd year of overseeing the program, said they work closely with the International Water Institute to provide water quality data for the Wild Rice Watershed and also work on various service learning projects for the community.

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Junior Tate Hoseth says one of the most unique tasks they’ve done through the River Watch program is collecting bugs and other tiny species from the river bottom for the purpose of determining the quality of the water.

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Senior Shana Bennefeld says she enjoys the opportunity to work hands on with mother nature and spend some time outdoors as well.

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The Norman County East River Watch program recently took 2nd place at a River Watch Forum out of 26 teams. The International Water Expo donates the tools and kayaks for the students to do their studies. The Wild Rice Water Shed District also recently donated $600 to help fund the program as well.