Former Mahnomen County Sheriff Krier Looking Forward to Retirement

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (1/9/19)

Mahnomen, MN -- After 35 years in law enforcement and 30 years with the Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Office, Mahnomen County Sheriff Doug Krier signed off for the final time last week. Sheriff Krier retired at the age of 62 and handed his badge over to Josh Guenther. During his three decades with Mahnomen County, Krier says some of his biggest accomplishments include delivering two babies, leading the DARE program, and being elected as Sheriff for multiple terms.

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Sheriff Krier says he decided to retire now while he still has his health and can enjoy time with friends and family before getting too old. 

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Through his many years of law enforcement, Krier credits his wife Barb for her support during the many up and downs of his career.

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And as Josh Guenther begins his term as Sheriff, Krier is confident in his abilities to lead the county and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

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Krier adds that now that he is retired, he is looking forward to no more middle of the night phone calls and spending more time with kids and grandkids.