R & J Broadcasting & HTC Team Up to Live Steam Hillsboro Activities

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (8/14/19)

Hillsboro, ND -- There’s been moments throughout high school sports and activities where you might say “I wish I could have seen that!,” like a last second buzzer beater shot or a funny moment during a high school assembly.  Well now you CAN see it! R & J Broadcasting, Inc and Halstad Telephone Company are announcing a partnership to bring live video streaming of sports and activities for the Hillsboro School District starting this fall. R & J Broadcasting, Inc owner Jim Birkemeyer says this partnership will not only enhance the quality of their broadcast by combining audio and video, but it will also allow them to cover more events in an online platform.

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For the Halstad Telephone Company, this is a great way to for them to invest back in the community they serve, according Halstad Telephone Company CEO Mark Forseth.

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R & J Sports has brought top notch play-by-play coverage of Hillsboro-Central Valley Sports for years now, but Forseth is excited for Burro fans to see the action as well.

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As the online streaming popularity continues to grow, Birkemeyer says this is a great way his company to stay on top of trends and grow their audience.

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The goal for R & J Broadcasting and Halstad Telephone Company is to expand beyond the Hillsboro community in years to come.

Listen to the full interview with Jim Birkemeyer and Mark Forseth below:

Listen: MARKand Jim